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School Mission

Seta International School was founded in 2001 on the ideals of a mother who believed that children need to be well-balanced in body and mind in order to be fully competent in the future. Compared to earlier times, today's world is one full of rapid changes and a sense of chaos. Now is definitely the time to create a bright future for today's children!
Thus the mission of this school is based on what we believe all parents wish for their children: foster a strong sense of balance between children's physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being.


In order to develop and maintain a strong balance between body and mind, we believe that giving children a variety of activities targeted specifically to their own age group is of the utmost importance.
As parents, we tend to focus heavily on the academic development of our children. However, among those children who only excel in language or math studies, few may actually grow up to become high-level achievers.
Moreover, what is important at this stage of their childhood is enhancing the child's emotional, physical, and social aptitudes, and enabling them to have a curriculum that is specifically suited to match their age group.
Children are like different flowers about to bloom; When they will fully blossom depends on their own developmental pace.
Seta International School will provide practical education which focuses on balancing the mind and body for your child's current developmental needs through our unique curriculum.