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M.& A.S., GermanyGermany

The good impression we had during the introductory visit at SIS was quickly confirmed:

Children are very well taken care of and the detailed feedback shows just how attentive the teachers are ? with a high sense for detail and supporting the child's individual development.

And, by far not the least important issue: our daughter likes it too ? she is always looking forward to go to the kindergarten in the morning.

S.K., KoreaKorea

As a parent, I feel good knowing that my son is learning useful life-lessons as well as interaction with others and getting used to the pacing of daily life though he has only been going to school for one and a half years. He began when he was two years old. My son has learned how to separate the different parts of his day such as play time, lunch time, bed time and so on.

I'm also very glad that he is able to learn about traditional Japanese culture and activities in school from their Japanese culture study program. I feel confident in leaving my son with the teachers and they are happy to give daily feedback on the goings-on of the day, any events that happened, or anything specific that my son learned.

My son wakes up early every day, excited to get to school as soon as he can, and comes how happy every day. I am proud that my son is a student at Seta International School, where I know they use every day to shape his future into a bright one.

J.K., KoreaKorea

Thanks to Seta International School, we did not have to worry about our children's school at all in Japan.

Not only the main teacher, but all teachers had good understanding of the students,and thanks to the many outdoor activities and various education programs, our children were always bright and healthy which I am very thankful for.

I could also feel that the teachers are attentive and really cared for the individual students.

Finding a good school in a foreign country is a difficult job for parents, but we were very lucky to find Seta International School.

세타인터네셔날스쿨 덕분에 일본에서 아이들 학교 걱정없이 잘 지낼 수 있었습니다.

담임 선생님은 물론 유치원의 모든 선생님들이 아이들에 대해 잘 이해하고 있고 많은 야외 활동과 다양한 교육 프로그램들로 아이들의 항상 밝고 건강한 모습에 감사했습니다.

선생님들이 아이들 개개인에 대해서 관심과 애정이 많다는 것을 매번 느낄 수 있었습니다.

해외에서 아이에게 좋은 학교를 찾는 것은 부모에게 가장 중요하면서도 어려운 일인데 세타인터네셔날스쿨을 찾은 것은 저희에게 참으로 행운이었습니다.

M.& K.K., JapanJapan

As Parents, we are always concerned about our child's happiness and well-being when they are removed from a familiar environment, for example, as a result of an international assignment. Our son attended SIS for a year when a job assignment transferred us from New York to Tokyo.

At SIS, students, teachers and staff are all friendly and welcoming toward new families. We quickly became a part of the warm community.

Since teachers work with an individual child, a small group, and the entire group at different times during the course of a day, our son was able to participate in all activities and lessons very easily from the first day.

The care and attention provided by the teachers has helped him to enhance his interest in learning, expanded his general knowledge, and enabled him to get along with others better. My son was looking forward to go to school every day, and we felt secure about sending him there.

We really enjoyed the variety of daily and seasonal events held at the school with our son. Now, he has moved onto elementary school where he is doing well.

We would like to express our hearty thanks for their support.

M.& B.H., GermanyGermany

Our son started with the age of two at SIS. The warm atmosphere, the small classes as well as the mixture of nationalities convinced us from the beginning. But also the planned activities and the educational program was a strong factor for our decision.

In the meantime our son has made many friends, and he likes to go to SIS every morning. He is communicating easy in English with his Japanese & international friends and mates. The field trips are always interesting and exciting for him.

It was a good decision to go to SIS.

B.& C.W., AustriaAustria

My son, who will turn four soon, has been a student at Seta International School now for one year, and I can say that the time at the school has shaped his character and behavior very well. The teachers of the school have a very professional attitude and educate the children in a way that allows them to learn about their environment and themselves, and gives them room to grow and prosper. The Social as well as academic curriculum is well thought through, and also the effective treatment of the kids is tailored to their individual needs.

My son will stay in the school and I am looking forward to seeing him thrive and grow. I can certainly recommend the school to other parents who want their kids to develop their character and skills in a healthy environment.

H.& M.K., TaiwanTaiwan

Our teachers are highly educated, well trained and experienced and focus on nurturing the unique personality of each student whilst tailoring their teaching methods to fit each student's most effective learning pattern.

Each class has a very low teacher/student ratio. This gives each child more individual attention from the teacher.

Each student learns about Japanese culture as well as the culture of many other countries while interacting daily with classmates from many different countries.

Our curriculum properly prepares students to not only communicate in English, but gives them the academic skills (arithmetic, science, computers, etc...) to excel in the next steps of their academic journey.

SIS boasts a unique curriculum, created by specialists in various fields of child education, with the goal of providing a well rounded and nurturing educational experience for each child. This includes physical education, music, the arts and world culture through our "Country of the Month" program.

Our academic year is punctuated by various events and field trips including potato digging, going to a farm, aquarium, having Christmas and graduation concerts and other events.

The health and well being of our students, both physical and emotional is our first priority, and as such, our students participate in a biannual health check-up.

W.& N.S., United StatesUnited States

We sent our two boys to SIS and were happy with the school. We liked the relatively small and warm setting with friendly, native English speaking teachers. SIS offered a broad range of activities from reading, writing, math, computers, arts and concert events. We felt SIS's program prepared our boys well for enrolling at St. Mary's International School. Both are now attending St. Mary's and doing fine.

We particularly enjoyed some great seasonal events like Halloween parties, Christmas concerts and Graduation ceremonies. Both our boys were very happy at SIS and we would recommend the school.

M.G., FranceFrance

My son started his school-education with SIS at the age of two years and a half. I was convinced by SIS policy that there is no age limit to start the education there.

SIS respects the capacity of individuals and I appreciated it very much because SIS developed my son's capacity at most for his age. Of course he learnt English there but what I appreciated most is that he had a lot of joy to learn various things with concentration.

Now we live in France and I feel that he has a strength in this area comparing to other children. I thank SIS greatly for this inestimable present to my son.

A. S., IndiaIndia

Our daughter started SIS when she was 3 yrs old and had enjoyed every single day going to school. We chose SIS because it was a small school and thought Sayuri would need lot of attention. All the teachers are very good and the atmosphere in school is very loving and caring. The school has lot of activities like visit to Science Museum, visit to fire station, and field trips and kids enjoy this stuff a lot.

Academically also the school teaches about General Knowledge in a very interesting way by choosing 'Country of the month', giving them all the information like wild life, currency, flag, a few greetings in local language etc.

G.& R.P., AustraliaAustralia

I would like to thank the Staff, Teachers, parents and families of Seta International pre-school for welcoming us into their community over the past 12 months. Moving to a foreign country is in itself a daunting prospect, but one which is particularly more profound when you don't speak the language.

I would like to thank the staff and teachers of Seta International pre-school for helping us cope in our transition, and the on going helpfulness in settling us into life in Japan.

Our family experience at Seta International was a thoroughly enjoyable one. The personal care and attention our children received from the caring International teaching staff was excellent, and more importantly our children enjoyed and looked forward to pre-school each day.

The friends we have made through the school over the past 12 months have made of lives here in Japan a great deal easier and enjoyable; especially given the absence of friends, family and support back home.

I would welcome and recommend foreign families to Seta International pre-school and hope that you too, enjoy the same experience we have shared.

K.P., Finland Finland

Perheemme on ollut erittäin positiivisesti yllättynyt miten kodinomainen ja viihtyisä koulu Seta International on. Vaikka koulussa edeteään akateemisesti ajateltuna hyvin tavoitteellisesti, koulu ei ole kuormittanut lastamme, vaan päinvastoin tuonut suunnattomasti iloa ja riemua.

Tyttäremme aloitti koulun viiden vanhana ja ilman minkäänlaista englanninkielen taitoa. Olemme saaneet ilolla seurata, kuinka nopeasti hänen kielitaitonsa on kehittynyt ja kuinka motivoitunut hän on ollut uudesta kielestä ja koulusta.

Yksi suurimpia yllätyksiä on kuitenkin ehkä ollut se, kuinka hienosti tyttäremme otettiin vastaan uutena oppilaana kesken lukuvuotta. Heti ensimmäisenä päivänä hän tuli koulusta kasvot sädehtien ja kertoi kuinka kaikki lapset olivat hänen kavereita.

Koen että koululla on erityinen positiivinen ilmapiiri, niin opettajien, lasten, lasten vanhempien ja muun henkilökunnan välillä.